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avast! Mobile Security for Android

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Full-featured, best/top-rated Android antivirus & security app (4.7 of 5 star)
Remote cell phone tracker/locator and malware protection (with USSD blocker).
Highly recommended by Android authorities, AV-Test, PCAdvisor, Techworld, and now over 10 million users worldwide!


AndroidAuthority: The best just got better nothing comes close
Android and Me: The best anti-theft solution on the market
AndroidPolice: basically anything you would want should your device get lost or stolen
Droid-Life: it doesnt get much more extensive than this
PCAdvisor: your first port of call when looking for a security product


Antivirus: Scans installed apps and memory card content on demand and new apps upon first use.

Privacy Report: Scans and displays access rights and intents of installed apps.

Anti-Theft (hidden component): Gives you remote control via SMS or Web (cell phone tracking, activate siren, memory wipe, etc.).

Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

Web Shield: Scans each URL that loads and warns you if its malware-infected. Includes USSD blocker.

Widget: Gives you control of the app from your Android desktop.

Web Interface: Provides remote control of anti-theft features (cell phone lock, GPS tracking, memory wipe, etc.).

SiteCorrect: Automatically fixes mistyped URLs.

Shield Control: Advanced settings for app, web, and messages scanning.

UI Design: Great readability on Android cell phones and tablets.

SMS/Call Filtering: Filters out particular contacts that you select.

App Manager: Lists apps and their sizes (MB), CPU load, memory used, etc.

Battery Save: Runs only when performing tasks.

Firewall (works on rooted phones only): Serves as gatekeeper for network

Available Languages: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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